A lightweight flash kit on location

Finally I found the perfect kit for flash on location with my Fuji camera. This kits allow me to use the flash on location, travelling, and when simply I don´t wan´t to go with to mucho weight.

The kit is 2.8 kg (6 lb and 2.8 oz), so it´s easy to travel with the Fuji x-Pro2, two lenses, and the complete illumination kit.

I found a light stand lightweight, and long enough and sturdy for be used with people in places with not so much wind. Th stand, inthis case, is the Lumi-Pro one:

Lumi-Pro lightstand with the Phottix show for the flash and an umbrella or octabox.

In this case it has the Phottix flash head, that allows me tu put a flash, the extensor tube, an umbrella or a octabox. The complete set is almost 2,5m, that is tall enough to illuminate a subject from above.

The extension tube has a lot of benefits:

  1. It makes higher the source of the light
  2. Allow the octabox or softbox or umbrella to illuminate the subject from above, becasue you ca put the tube at an angle of 90º repesct the stand. If the disare direction of the light is close ti the camera axis, it´s better, because you can put the softbox over your head, without having the stand in the middle of the point of view.
  3.  You can use the extension tube without stand, handling with the hand.
  4. It allows you to change the angle of the light without putting awway the diffuser of the octabox.

Extension tube. You can put several flashes, it´s come with a tow-flash adapter, It has a hole for th eumbrella or umbrella-type octabox, and a grip to handle with a hand. You can put itno the socket of the flash, elevating the light, and allowing you to change the angle without touching the diffuser.

I store the octabox with the diffuser. In this way, it´s faster to open and prepare the system.

Octabos of Phottix, umbrella-type, with the diffuser, as I store it.

Octabos of Phottix, umbrella-type, with the diffuser, as I store it.

Handling the octabos and one flash with one hand, and the other one with the camera. The Fuji X-Pro2 allows me to control everything with the right hand.

I´m using a Yongnuo kit, with the YN-560-III flash and a remote controller 560-TX. This controller can change the intensity of the flash, the zoom, and also turn it off. With that feature, I can change the configuration of ny flash without touching the octabox, from the camera. It has the possibility of control until 6 groups of flashes. This flash has built-in wireless system, as well as the 560-IV model, that talk without ptoblems with the controller.

 The extension tube (Phottix kit Multi Boom 16'') comes with an adapter for two flashes, so I can control them independently. Th reason for use two flashes is, not only form the power, that if you are using the flashes at maximun power, the time of recycling is samller. So, sometimes, its better to use two flashes at half power than one at full power. 

Yongnuo 560-III flash, with wireless built-in, 560-TX controller, and, of course, the full CTO gel, that I´m using more and more often.

Complete kit prepared for traveling to the location.