About Me

Physicist, teacher, security architect, amateur photographer and founder of the group: "Not Only Street Photography", looking for a group of photographers who wanted to do Street Photography, but not only, also astrophotogpraphy, landscapes, portrait, etc. 

Looking always for learning, I started to take pictures almost 30 years ago. First film, and lately digital. First nikon, and now I´m using almost always Fuji cameras, with primes lenses. 

The photos are taken during the photowalks in Madrid, Spain, and also in my travels: Lisbon, New York, Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin, Casablanca, ...

I started the blog part because I wanted to share my experiences in photowalks and testing photographic material (for me), and because sometimes in Internet you can find the same information copied again and again, and always the same, with almost the same words... And, sometimes, you need to see other points of view, other ideas, other tricks different of the offered in the manual, and not only the commercial approximation.

If you are in Madrid, don´t hesitate to share with us a photowalk: http://www.meetup.com/es-ES/Street-Photography-Madrid/